• Have you ever dreamed of watching the sunset over the ocean of land called steppe? Or riding horses on the authentic saddles of the steppe warriors? Or having a relaxing week in the silent and open land of Gobi Desert and homeland of Dinosaurs? Or just having off-road adventures in the last and lost frontier of the world - MONGOLIA?

    Gucci World Tours is the leading destination management company and will do best to make your trip a lifetime experience. Our extensive ranges of tailor-made programs are designed to offer memorable travel experience as varied as Mongolia’s rich history and natural wonders. Our guides and drivers are a fine collection of colorful characters, chosen for their ability to form a bridge between cultures and to keep clients informed and comfortable. In the capital city you will stay in trendy and well maintained hotels while enjoying visits to cultural attraction and art shows. While travelling in the countryside, you will have the exceptional experience of staying in a “ger”, the traditional felt dwelling, as you enjoy kingdom of dinosaurs, riding camels in the desert, trekking in the mountains, traveling on overland jeep expeditions, or absorbing the natural wonders.

    Mongolia is a hot phenomenal destination for travelers from all over the world. Mongolia has a unique quality of authentic life in things great and small, a magic of its own – a secret known only to one that has visited the country. Mongols are waiting to host you.

    This is Gucci World Tours that waits to welcome you!

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