• New Project

    GREEN PROJECT “LET’S CLEAN THE CARBON IMPRINT” – In 2009, Gucci World Tours and Hoyor Zagal Camp launched green project under the slogan Let’s Clean the Carbon Imprint. The aim of the project is to grow trees and bushes that can absorb greenhouse (CO2) gas in order to stop soil erosion and sand movement of local territory, and to support the “One Tourist – One Tree” project initiated by the Mongolian government.

    Trees and bushes voluntarily chosen and paid for by those tourists travelling according to our company’s arrangment will be grown in the surrounding area of “2 Zagal” tourist camp.

    Thus tourists will be assisting in decreasing greenhouse (CO2) gases created from domestic flights from/to Ulaanbaatar. In addition, these tourists will be awarded an “Eco Tourist” certificate.

    1. Tourists choose their trees to plant and make the payment to Gucci World Tours Corporation.
    2. JWT will buy the plants and be responsible for cultivating and nursing these trees and bushes in the “Hoyor Zagal” camp area. If request comes before June 25, the trees will be planted the following fall. If the request comes after October 20, the trees will be planted the following spring.
    3. The tourists who participate in this project will be awarded an “Eco Tourist” certificate and JWT will report annual results and process of the project via its website.
    4. Travelers who visit Mongolia between 20 April and 25 June, or between 20 September and 20 October, may themselves go to “Hoyor Zagal” base camp to plant their tree.

  • Future prospects
  • • To make a growth in the existing markets with existing product and services
    • To offer new products in the new emerging markets such as China, Russia, North Europe and East Asia
    • To focus more on the outbound tours to South East Asia, Europe, Russia and China

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