• Hotels
  • Ulaanbaatar hotel is the first five star hotel in Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar hotel operates more than 40 years of hotel business through Mongolia and has many years of vast experience. It is located in the heart of city centre and next to Sukhbaatar square. Ulaanbaatar hotel opened in 1961 and renovated in 2003. Ulaanbaatar hotel offers you a choice of 119 rooms including capacity to reside 219 people at once.
    All rooms have individual conditioning, private bath, mini bar, coffee maker, electronic controlling system, cable TV and 24 hours room service. Ulaanbaatar hotel has superior restaurant which has French, Sweden, Asian and English style cuisine, bar and café. Hotel offers wide range of business services including business center, conference hall, facilities and meeting rooms.

  • Bayangol hotel is located in the city centre of the capital Ulaanbaatar. It is situated 19 km to the International airport and 2 km to the central railway station. Bayangol hotel is the right place to stay for business travelers and holidaymakers in Mongolia. With 209 decorated and furnished rooms, a wide variety of facilities and excellent service, Bayangol hotel attracts many visitors throughout year. Bayangol hotel has 190 standard rooms and 19 suits. It opened in 1963 and renovated in 2003 with 12 floors. Accommodation service includes air conditioning, international direct telephone, bathroom with shower, satellite TV, mini-bar and 24 hour service. Restaurant Bayangol with 300 seats offers you the delights of Eastern, Western and traditional Mongolian cuisine and night bars. Bayangol hotel provides business center, facsimile facilities, photocopying, computing and conference room.

  • Chinggis Khaan hotel is ideally located on the eastern part of the city center and easily accessible to the main tourist attractions. It is located 30 minute drive to the International airport and 15 minute drive to the railway station. Chinggis Khaan hotel opened in 1995 and renovated in 2003 with 11 floors. The hotel has attractively furnished 182 comfortable rooms with air conditioner, cable TV, telephone with message lights, full bath amenities, FM radio, mini bar, 24 hour room service. The hotel restaurants have a wide range of cuisines such as western, Mongolian, oriental cuisine, bar and coffee shop. Chinggis Khaan hotel has one of the biggest conference halls in town which accommodates 200 people at once. Business centre offers extensive business opportunities and excellent facilities.

  • The Palace Hotel is suitably located in the southern side of city centre including Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, Naadam Stadium and Zaisan Hill. The location of the hotel is a very quite and clean area with fresh air. Only five minutes by car, ten minutes walk from town centre and 15 minutes drive from the international airport. The hotel offers its guests the best panorama of suburban Ulaanbaatar. The Palace Hotel opened in 2001. Accommodation services include 68 comfortable rooms equipped with IDD, cable TV, mini bar and 24 hour room service. The hotel has well established business center, conference hall for 250 guests and meeting rooms. Western style restaurants and oriental cuisines are delicious asset to the hotel.

  • Edelweiss hotel is situated in the very downtown area which is surrounded by many foreign embassies and located 30 minute drive to the international airport and 15 minute drive to the railway station. Edelweiss hotel opened in 1996 and renovated in 2003. Edelweiss hotel provides fully furnished luxury rooms with IDD phone, satellite TV, mini bar and air conditioning. Every room at the Edelweiss hotel designed to provide comfort and warm atmosphere throughout with everything you might need for your stay. Also every room has private balcony which you can enjoy beautiful views of the Mount Bogd and sight of the city center. European and Mongolian style restaurants offer delicious cuisines and environment.

  • Camps
  • Hoyor Zagal tourist camp is located by Unegt Tsohio Mountain about 272km from Ulaanbaatar on the way to Kharkhorin, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Hoyor Zagal tourist camp has 40 gers with 130 beds, dining hall with a capacity to host 100 guests. The camp offers hot showers, washing stands and flush toilets for 4 ladies and 4 for men. Three big ger shaped restaurant has a capacity to serve about 120 guests. The restaurant has a number of delicious dishes on offer, primarily within our traditional and European cuisine. Additional service includes coffee corner, open air pubs, movies to watch, traditional Mongolian games, relaxing massage ger and souvenir shop.

  • GURU
  • Guru tourist camp is located in the beautiful area Bumbat surrounded by mountains, uniquely formed granite rocks and wide open valley and 65km from Ulaanbaatar city to the east. The camp has 30 traditional gers with 100 beds. Tourist facilities include 6 clean toilets, 6 showers, permanent electricity, DVD watching set and artisian water well. Three big ger restaurants with 60 seats offer European and Mongolian dishes. The camp location gives easy accessibility to the Gunj Temple, Turtle Rock, Arayabala Meditation Temple and nomadic herdsmen.

  • Urguu tourist camp is located 7 km from the center of Kharkhorin and 360km from Ulaanbaatar. The camp has 41 gers with 138 beds. The camp has the biggest ger restaurants in Mongolia which has 15 lattice walls, accommodate 150 guests at once. Tourist facilities include 6 toilets and 5 showers for ladies and men, a sauna and permanent electricity. Surrounding tourist attractions are Erdenezuu Monastery, Tovkhon temple, Lake Ugii, Shankh khiid and legendary Orkhon valley. Overnight visitors can stay in nomadic family in the Orkhon valley and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the valley.

  • New Tuvshin tourist camp is located 550 km from Ulaanbaatar and 40km away from city Dalanzadgad, is nestled below the stunning scenery of the Gobi Gurvansaikhan Mountain in South Gobi. Accommodations include 36 gers with 106 beds. The camp has western style bathroom and shower facilities, constant electricity, restaurants and bar serving with Western and Mongolian cuisines, laundry service, local entertainment by Mongolian traditional music, souvenir shop, international calls and fax service. New Tuvshin camp offers variety of camp activities including Bacterian camel riding, Gobi horse riding, photographing, hiking, playing traditional Mongolian games, visiting camel breeder’s and ger demonstration. Surrounding tourist attractions are Yol valley, Bayanzag-Flamming Cliffs, Moltsog sand dunes and Khongoriin Els dunes.

  • Maikhan Tolgoi tourist camp is located 680 km from Ulaanbaatar, 180 km from the center of Arkhangai province and 13 km from Tariat soum. It is located right next to the famous Great White Lake and Khorgo Volcano, one of the most beautiful areas of Mongolia. The camp has 30 gers with 80 beds, well maintained showers and toilets, dining ger restaurant with capacity to host 40 guests, permanent electricity, European and Asian cuisines. Additional services include fishing gears, laundry service, archery rental, traditional mini Naadam festival. Walking, bird watching, fishing, motor boating, visiting nomads are available. Surrounding tourist attractions are Great White Lake, Khorgo volcano, ice cave and Chuluut canyon.

  • Mongol Dalai tourist camp is located Hatgal soum in Khuvsgul province, 817km from Ulaanbaatar and 117km from Murun, a provincial capital. The camp has 14 gers and 2 luxury buildings. The accommodation and restaurants ability of the camp is 50 guests at once. Tourist facilities are billiard bar, 2 western toilets and showers for both men and women and own power supply. The camp offers following tourist activities such as boating, fishing in the Khuvsgul Lake, bird watching, hiking and swimming. Tundra forest, majestic snow capped mountains and crystal clear lakes make the camp the most beautiful place to stay. Tsaatan people, a reindeer breeders are the main attraction to tourists. Additional service includes souvenir shop, bow shooting, traditional musical concert and opportunities to visit Darhad family.

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