• Bicycling Adventure in the Steppe

  • Mongolia is the country for touring bicycling. Gucci World Tour provides you to experience Mongolia from a whole new perspective with forging new trails and new experiences at your own pace. Bicycling in Mongolia can be extreme, pitting a rider’s ability against the challenge of high elevated passes, or steep alpine trails. Mongolia provides plenty of opportunity for cyclists, both on and off road. Road cyclists enjoy the trip to Kharkhorin; an ancient capital of Mongolian Empire, on the 380km paved road. The best time for biking in Mongolia is the period between late May and September when the weather is warm and landscape is covered with lush green color.

  • Day 1.

    Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. City sightseeing tour including a visit to Zaisan Hill with a panoramic view of the city. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

    Day 2.

    Drive to Bayangobi which is located 280 km from Ulaanbaatar. Overnight at a ger camp.

    Day 3-6.

    Begin to bicycle to Valley Orkhon. Pass through the "Sangiin Dalai" lake, travel around the mountains of Orkhon valley and reach the valley (180 kms).

    Day 7.

    Drive to Karakorum, 90 kms. Visit an Erdene-Zuu Monastery.

    Day 8.

    Return to Ulaanbaatar, 360 kms. Enjoy an evening folklore performance. Overnight at the hotel.

    Day 9.

    Transfer to the airport for departure flight.

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