• Nomadic Caravan Camel riding, Cow cart riding, Horseback riding, Hiking

  • Day 1.

    10.00   Arrive at “Ikh Dut” ger camp – 80 km from UB
    10.30   Visit to a nomad family, get acquainted with nomadic lifestyle and see how nomads simmer milk to clot the cream. Taste fermented mare’s milk.
    12.30   Drive back to the camp
    13.00   Lunch
    14.00   From a nomad’s ger ride on camel through Ar Khustain Valley to Senjitiin Spring for about 8 km.
    17.00   Come back to the nomad’s family and go to the Camel Rock on a cow cart- 11km. Learn how Mongolians utilize cow carts in their nomadic way of life.
    19.00   Return to the nomad’s family. Drive back to the camp.
    20.00   Dinner at the camp. Enjoy open fire festival. Overnight in ger.

    Day 2.

    09.00   Breakfast
    10.00   Horseriding from a nomad’s family to Khukh hill - 9km. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the valley from the hill.
    12.30   Ride back to the camp and have lunch.
    14.00   Hiking tour to Bor Honit –steppe and forest area – 7 km.
    17.00   Return to the camp. Free time until dinner.
    19.00   Dinner. Overnight in ger.

  • Total camel riding distance- 16km
    Total cow cart riding distance – 22km
    Total horse riding distance- 18km
    Total hiking distance -14km
  • Package includes: - Transportation to/from “Ikh Dut” Camp
    - Accommodation in ger camp
    - Nomadic breakfast, lunch, & dinner
    - Nomadic means of transport
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