• Ultimate Horse Riding in the Wilderness

  • Destination: Tuv, Uvurkhangai, Bulgan, Arkhangai provinces
    Hot spots: Kharkhorin, Erdenezuu Monastery, Khorgo volcano
    Lengths: 12 nights/ 13 days
    Tour type: Horseback Riding
    Adventure level: Medium
    Vehicle type: Mini van, horses,
    Activities: Extensive horseback riding at sites, optional hiking
    Season: June 15- August 15
    Fully escorted: Tour guide, local horse guide, wranglers, cook
    Group size: 4-10 pax
    Accommodation: 2 hotel nights, 4 ger camp nights, 6 tent nights
  • Mongolian horse is the native horse breed of Mongolia and the breed is purported to be unchanged since the time of Chinggis Khaan. Nomads living in the traditional Mongol fashion hold about 40 million livestock. In Mongolia, the horses live outdoors all year (at 30°C in summer down to -40°C) and search for food on their own. Mongolian horses are of a stocky build, with relatively short legs and a large head. The mane and tail are very long and the strands are often used for braiding ropes. Mongolian horses are frugal, arduous, somewhat wily, and tread safely in rough terrain. Once the animal has become familiarized with carrying a rider, it will be calm, friendly and very reliable.

  • Day 1.

    Nation’s Capital – Ulaanbaatar city. A professional Gucci World Tours Team will greet you at the “Chinggis Khan” international airport and transfer to hotel in Ulaanbaatar. After your flight, we start our first day tour around Ulaanbaatar, the nation’s capital starting from Sukhbaatar square. This smooth square is spirit of the capital and famous for its surroundings including Parliament House, National Opera Theatre, Cultural Palace and House of City Council. Our next move is Zaisan Hill; the small hill provides wide open view of the Ulaanbaatar. We will continue to the Natural History Museum which is well-known for its precious findings Dinosaur eggs and bones. In the evening we will watch fascinating performance of traditional folk songs, throat singing, beautiful melody of horse-headed fiddle, ethnic dances and arty contortion. Dinner and overnight in the hotel.

    Day 2.

    Kharkorin/Erdene Zuu Monastery (360km). After early morning breakfast, we will depart to the direction of high Khangai mountain, to the ancient capital of Mongolian Empire – Kharakorum city. Kharkhorin was established in the Valley of Orkhon River in 1220. Kharkhorin played significant role in Mongolian history; was a capital city of Mongolian Great Empire until Khubilai Khaan, a grandson of Chinggis Khaan moved the capital to Beijing of Yuan Dynasty. We will witness the almost 800 years old worshipping Turtle Rock near the temple. In the late afternoon, we will arrive at the camp. Dinner and overnight in the ger camp.

    Day 3.

    Arkhangai/Taikhar Rock(150km). In the morning we will visit Erdenezuu Monastery-the first Buddhist monastery was founded by Avtai Sain Khaan, descendent of Chinggis Khaan, on the ruins of Kharkhorin in 1586. The monastery is surrounded by beautiful looking white wall with 108 stupas. For centuries it was a spiritual and intellectual centre of Mongolia with extraordinary collection of Buddhist paintings and priceless religious paintings. After lunch we will start driving to the Tsetserleg – a provincial capital. On the way, we will visit Zayiin Gegeenii Khuree, founded by Zaya Gegeen, one of the Buddhist spiritual leaders in Northern Mongolia in 1586. The Monastery had five main temples and used to accommodate 1000 Buddhist monks. We will explore the nomadic city and the local market. In the afternoon we will cross majestic Tsagaan Davaa Pass (1750m above the sea level) in Bulgan uul. We will overnight in the ger camp near the beautiful looking Taikhar Rock on the bank of Tamir river.

    Day 4.

    Khorgo Volcano/Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake(150 km). After breakfast we will drive to the Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake to reach our horse riding destination. On the way, we will drive through the Khanui River, Dongoin davaa pass, Khalzangiin davaa pass and the Chuluut River. We will stop at the “Zuun Mod-Hundred Tree” a sacred tree hidden by thick layers of scarves deposited by worshippers and stunning Chuluut River Gorge. In the afternoon, we will pass Tariat village and arrive at the camp near the Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, an astonishingly beautiful lake with pure fresh water. Torrents of lava issuing from the Khorgo volcano blocked the north and south Terkh rivers, so forming the dammed lake of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake at an altitude of 2060 meters above sea level. The lake is 16 km wide, 4-10 meters deep with its deepest point at 28 meters and over 20 kilometers in length. The lake supports Pike and other fish and perfect for swimming with stretches of sandy beach along its shoreline. Orientation session for meeting our wranglers and local horse guides. Overnight in ger camp.

    Day 5.

    Khorgo Volcano/National Park (15 km). After breakfast, we will start our horse riding adventure in the Khangai. We will ride along the shoreline of the lake through basalt rock island to the Khorgo Volcano. Khorgo is extinct volcano located on the northern part of Khangai Mountain Range at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. Khorgo is rich in beautiful scenery of mountains, cliffs, rapid streams, rivers, lakes, extinct volcanoes, green forests and pastures, where the long-haired yaks and horses pasture. The Khorgo volcano is covered with basalt. It has been protected since 1965 to safeguard spectacular mountain scenery and endangered fauna und flora. The grasslands are rich in wild flowers notably Edelweiss. The volcano crater of the Khorgo Volcano is 200 meters wide and 100 meters deep. The northern slope is covered with Siberian Larch. We will ride to the crater, youth caves and seven ger rock. Open air dinner and overnight in the tent in the National Park.

    Day 6.

    Deed Buuruljuut (25km). In the morning, we will ride along the Suman River which comes from the Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, cutting a large gorge through basalt. On the way, we will horse through the beautiful wide open landscape with lush green valley to the Khandgait Mountain. We will have a picnic lunch on the bank of Suman River. We will continue our ride along the Suman river canyon. We will mount our campsite near the Deed Buuruljuut on the bank of Suman river. Buuruljuut is a used to be small administrative unit. Dinner and overnight in the tent.

    Day 7.

    Jargalant River (25km). Peaceful breakfast at the campsite we will saddle up our horses to continue our adventure ride. We will ride through Buuruljuut bag in the open wide steppe with no occupation. Today we will experience truely wild adventure. We will overnight on the bank of Jargalant River in the tent.

    Day 8.

    Choidogiin borgio (20km). Breakfast at the campsite then we will continue our ride to the Choidogiin borgio. On the way, we will ride through Murun soum to explore nomadic settlement and visit local store to get our supplies. In the afternoon, we will arrive at the Choidogiin Borgio is a waterfall cascading from the Chuluut and Suman rivers confluence, over a sheer cliff with a height of 2 meters. It is interesting to watch fish in the waterfall. Great fishing opportunity. Establish our campsite near the Choidogiin borgio. Dinner and overnight in the tent.

    Day 9.

    Tsagaan chuluut valley (22km). After breakfast we will continue our horse ride through the bridge of Suman River to reach the Chuluut River. We will arrive at the Chuluut River Canyon at lunch time. Enjoy the amazing canyon. Further we will ride in the southern part of the canyon to the bridge of Chuluut River. We will reach Tsagaan Chuluut valley of Mergen Ovoo Mountain. Establish our camp in the valley. This night we will have a farewell dinner with local guides and wranglers and say goodbye to our horses. Overnight in the tent.

    Day 10.

    Bulgan/Urantogoo volcano (270km). Early morning breakfast then we will start driving along the Khanui River to the Erdenemandal village. We will have a picnic lunch on the way. In the afternoon, we will arrive in the territory of Bulgan province. In the evening, we will visit Uran togoo Natural Reserve. Uran togoo is an extinct volcano which is located in Khutag Undur soum. This beautiful volcanic mountain was protected in 1965. We will establish our camp near the volcano. Farewell dinner with kitchen team. Overnight in tent.

    Day 11.

    Amarbayasgalant monastery (250km). After breakfast we will start driving to the Amarbayasgalant Monastery through Orkhon Uul province. On the way we will drive by Erdenet, the second largest city in Mongolia which is located in the northern part of the country. The city was built in 1975 to exploit Asia’s largest deposit of copper ore and has the fourth largest copper mine in the world. In the late afternoon we will visit Amarbayasgalant Monastery; a place of bright spirits, religious intelligence and admiration of local architecture. The Monastery of Tranquil Felicity was built in 1727 by Zanabazar, a religious and cultural leader. The overall design is Chinese despite some Mongolian and Tibetan influence. In the early 1900s about 8000 monks practiced Buddhist philosophy, astrology and medicine. In 1937, all high ranked monks and religious leaders were executed. Holy Monastery was abandoned 50 years. Dinner and overnight in the camp.

    Day 12.

    Ulaanbaatar (375km). Early morning breakfast at the ger camp we will start driving back to Ulaanbaatar. On the way we will have our lunch at Dugana Khad tourist resort. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar in the afternoon and transfer to the hotel. We will start our last but unforgettable touring day from the Gandan Monastery a heart of Mongolian yellow head Buddhism. We will experience the sense of Buddhism in Mongolia. We will see the outstanding and impressive 24m golden plated statue of Buddha; Megjid Janraiseg. This monastery is the largest and most important monastery of Mongolia with 500 monks. Then the rest of day is for you with last minute shopping or tour the city. In the evening you are invited to farewell dinner in the Mongolian restaurant and overnight in the hotel.

    Day 13.

    Departure. We will end our unforgettable horseback riding journey in the imperial steppes in Orkhon valley by transferring to the “Chinggis Khaan” International Airport with professional Gucci World Tours Team.

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