• Off Road Motorcycling in the Land of Nomads
  • Type: Adventure tour
    Destination: Zaamar, Bulgan, Arkhangai and Bayangobi
    Highlights: Hustai National Park, Khorgo Volcano, Tsenkher hot spring, Kharkhorin, Erdene Zuu Monastery,
    Lengths: 9 nights/ 10 days
    Adventure level: Extreme
    Total driving km: 3500km
    Transportation: drive & motorcycling
    Season: June 1 – September 15
  • Pastoral nomadism has a long history in Central Asia. For 3000 years, the people of the steppes have lived a pastoral way of life moving in the search of best pastures. Today, about half of the 2.5 million people live in gers and still roaming vast plains herding over 30 million animals. Traditionally, Mongolian nomads raise five species of livestock: horses, cows or yaks, sheep, goats, and camels. Nomadic life thrives in summer and survives in winter. Considering climate conditions, especially during winter time, such lifestyle may seem to be a very hard way of living. “Uvuljuu” or winter camps are located in areas that are naturally sheltered from wind and are equipped with barns for livestock to stay for the night

  • Day 1.

    Ulaanbaatar- Nation's Capital. You will meet a professional Gucci World Tours Team at the “Chinggis Khan” international airport and transfer to the hotel in Ulaanbaatar. After relaxing from your flight, we will start our tour in Ulaanbaatar, the nation's capital. Sukhbaatar square is a public square at the heart of the capital. Surrounding buildings include the Parliament House, National Opera Theatre, Cultural Palace , and House of City Council. Then we will head to the Gandan, the heart of Mongolian yellow Buddhism. We will experience the influence of Buddhism in Mongolia and see the impressive 24m golden plated statue of Buddha; Megjid Janraiseg. This monastery is the largest and most important monastery in Mongolia with 500 monks. Overnight in the hotel.

    Day 2.

    Dundgobi. After breakfast, we will start driving to the Dundgobi province. On the way we will see semi-arid Gobi landscape with many fascinating natural features and herds of camels, sheep and goats. We will overnight in the ger camp that is beautifully settled in the middle of the Gobi.

    Day 3.

    Bulgan. After breakfast, we will ride to Bulgan province. We will bike on the country's beaten roads far from the main highway. On the way, we will witness beautifully changing semi-arid steppe and forest steppe landscapes and beautiful small rivers and springs. Overnight in tent.

    Day 4.

    Khorgo Volcano. Today we will bike through a beautiful mountain pass and observe alpine landscape with many wild flowers. We will arrive in Khorgo Volcano in the late afternoon. Khorgo Volcano (2100 metres) is located on the east shore of Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan. From its Ovoo (pile of rocks usually located on the paek of hill) covered summit, there is a splendid view of the whole region and the lake. The lake is about 20 km long and was formed when volcanic lava dammed the Suman River. Overnight in the ger camp.

    Day 5.

    Tsenkher Hot Spring. After relaxing near the Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, we will start biking to the Tsetserleg city, the capital of Arkhangai province. We will ride by exceptional spots like Zuun Mod-“Hundred Tree” a sacred tree hidden by thick layers of scarves deposited by worshipers and the stunning Chuluut River Gorge. We will visit Taikhar Rock. This peculiar looking boulder is 16 meter high with 150 inscriptions and engravings of many languages located on the bank of Tamir. We will continue our biking to the Tsenkher hot spring, a sulphur spring that emerges from the ground at 85 degrees Celsius. Facilities include outdoor and indoor baths, showers and accommodations. Overnight in the ger camp.

    Day 6.

    Kharkhorin. In the morning, we will have an opportunity to go horseback riding and hiking in the forest mountains. We will visit local nomads to experience their every day life of herding their horses and cattle. In the afternoon, we will bike to Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of Mongolian Great Empire. Overnight in the ger camp.

    Day 7.

    Erdenezuu Monastery/Bayangobi. We will have a full day of excursions around Kharkhorin, the ancient Capital of Great Mongolian Empire and Erdenezuu Monastery, main treasure of Mongolian Buddhism. Kharkhorin was established in the valley of the Orkhon river in 1220. It was one of the stops along the legendary Silk Road for 140 years. Kharkhorin played significant role in Mongolian history. It was the capital city of the Mongolian Great Empire until Khubilai Khaan, a grandson of Chinggis Khaan, moved the capital to Beijing during the Yuan Dynasty. For almost 800 years, people worship the Turtle Rock near the temple. Erdenezuu Monastery, the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia was founded by Avtai Sain Khaan, a descendant of Chinggis Khaan, on the ruins of Kharkhorin in 1586. The monastery is surrounded by beautiful white walls with 108 stupas. For centuries it was a spiritual and intellectual centre of Mongolia. There is an extraordinary collection of Buddhist paintings, priceless religious objects, special costumes for Tsama religious dance and superb Buddhist iconography in true Mongolian and Tibetan style. We will continue our ride to Bayangobi, a unique combination of steppe, sand, and mountains. Overnight in the ger camp.

    Day 8.

    Hustai National Park. In the morning, we will hike in the sand dunes and have an opportunity to visit camel breeder's family and ride a camel. After lunch, we will start our trip to the Hustai National Park. On the way, we will explore forest and steppe landscape with cool temperatures, and many wild birds and flowers. The national park lies in the foothills of the southern Khentii mountain range. This is the home of Takhi horses commonly known as Przewalski horses. The wild horses survive in nature by themselves because they have been reintroduced successfully to their homeland after 40 years of extinction. Currently, the number of Takhi has already reached more than 170. Overnight in the ger camp.

    Day 9.

    Ulaanbaatar. After breakfast at the camp, we will start biking back to Ulaanbaatar. We will arrive in Ulaanbaatar in the early afternoon and transfer to hotel. The rest of the afternoon is for you to complete last minute shopping and exploring the city. In the evening, we will witness a fascinating performance of traditional folk songs, throat singing, beautiful melodies from a “horse-headed” fiddle, ethnic dances, and artistic contortion.

    Day 10.

    Departure. Our biking adventure in the nomads' homeland is now complete and we will end our journeys by transferring to the “Chinggis Khaan” International Airport with the Gucci World Tours Team.

    Tour includes. 2 nights in 4 star hotel, 5 nights in ger camps, 2 nights in tents, 3 meals per day, English, French, Italian, German, Japanese speaking guides, Domestic transportation, Local entry fees
    Tour excludes. Personal use, International travel, Travel insurance, Alcoholic drinks
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