• Sound of Silence: Trekking in the Gobi
  • Type: Adventure tour
    Destination: South Gobi, Uvurkhangai and Tuv provinces
    Highlights: Yol valley, Khongor sand dunes, Orkhon waterfall, Kharkhorin and Erdenezuu
    Lengths: 12 nights/13 days
    Adventure level: Extreme
    Total driving km: 1600km
    Transportation: drive, trekking, camel riding
    Season: June 1 – September 1
  • South Gobi is one of the hottest, most remote and most arid regions in Mongolia. The mountains that cross the west and centre are extensions of the Altai, with the vast expanses of the Gobi stretching out at their feet. Compared to other desert regions, the flora of the Gobi is extremely rich. More than 250 types of plants have been identified here, including many medicinal plants and endemic one; golden karagana. The South Gobi has thousands of reptile and mammal fossil. Camel breeding is still an important component to the local economy. The camel provides high quality wool and milk with high fat content. In recent years, however, goats have become more popular as the price for cashmere has increased.

  • Day 1.

    Ulaanbaatar-Nation's Capital. A professional Gucci World Tours team will meet you at the “Chinggis Khan” international airport. We will begin our unforgettable day by touring the Gandan Monastery, the heart of Mongolian yellow Buddhism. We will experience the influence of Buddhism in Mongolia and see the impressive 24m golden plated statue of Buddha; Megjid Janraiseg. This monastery is the largest and most important monastery in Mongolia with 500 monks. Then we head to the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, the palace known as the Green Palace. We will visit Fine Art Museum of Zanabazar, we enjoy works of Mongolia's famous artists, and sculptors who lived before or in the early 20th century. Sculptures by Mongolia's first Bogd Khaan and famous sculptor Zanabazar ("Five Gods" and "Taras"), as well as appliqués and sculptures in wood and stone by talented Mongolian craftsmen are among the 10 thousand exhibits of the museum. 25 of the 45 most precious works of art created by Mongolia's artists can be found in the museum. We catch a late afternoon flight to South Gobi. Overnight in the ger camp.

    Day 2.

    Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park. After an early morning breakfast we will drive to the majestic Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park where we will enjoy the incredible “Yol Valley”. In the afternoon, we will explore the valley. The valley is an unusual narrow canyon with a river that flows through the Zuun Saikhan Mountains. The sheer rock walls stand 200m and the canyon has stunning green meadows with a thick glacier layer that is deeply set between the walls. During the summer rainfall, water runs from the top of the walls forming waterfalls. We will trek along the canyon and may get a glimpse of rarely seen Argali wild sheep, Ibex mountain goat and Yol Lammergeier. Then we will drive to the Khoolt village where we will meet our camels and the local team. Overnight in the tent.

    Day 3.

    Gobi Gurvan Saikhan NP. We will have a challenging adventure today. We will ride a camel in the morning to the west in the park. Then we will continue our trekking to the next spot. On the way, we will observe the wildlife and arid landscape. Overnight in the tent.

    Day 4.

    Gobi Gurvan Saikhan NP. After open air breakfast, we will continue our camel ride and trek between the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains. On the way, we have an opportunity to visit camel breeder's family and experience everyday life of steppe nomads. Overnight in the tent.

    Day 5.

    Khongoriin Els sand dunes. We will drive to the Khongoriin Els sand dunes. The drive will take us through amazing desert scenery with a stony and sandy landscape, arid land vegetation, countless interesting rock structures, and herds of wild antelopes. We will see the marvelous Khongoriin Els dunes that stretch for an extraordinary 180 kms and are sometimes as wide as 7-20km. The dunes lie on the northern slopes of Servei and Zuulun mountain ranges. The intense sound of wind-blown sand can be heard from long distances. This sound is so melodic that 200m high sand dunes are called “Singing Dunes” or “Sand that sings”. In the summer, there is an oasis called Khongor with stunning greenery in the summer. Overnight at the ger camp.

    Day 6.

    Arts Bogd Mountain/Uvurkhangai. We will drive to the north to Arts Bogd mountain. This magnificent mountain has a fantastic wild life and landscape. On the way we will witness semi arid and nowhere to be found land of nomads. Overnight in tent.

    Day 7.

    Guchin Us/Uvurkhangai. After breakfast, we will head to Guchin Us village. We will have a half day challenging trekking through the open steppe. We will experience the wilderness and local camel breeder's everyday life. Overnight in tent.

    Day 8.

    Arvaikheer – the province capital. We will continue our adventure to Arvaikheer, the province capital. The name means “barley steppe” and the city is located in the front of Khangai Mountain. We will visit Gandan Muntsaglan Khiid, a small temple complex located in the northern part of the city and local museum with many fossils, stuffed animals and about a thousands of years of man made artifacts. Overnight in tent.

    Day 9.

    Orkhon valley. We will drive to the land of Mongolia's ancient khans and aristocrats. The Orkhon river and its valley are the site ancient mysteries and centuries. We will see Khangai mountain and lots of Alpine wild flowers and pine tree forests. We will also see nomads and hundreds of horses, yaks and cattle herds peacefully grazing in the green meadows. Overnight in tent.

    Day 10.

    Orkhon Waterfall. Today is the day to explore the picturesque Orkhon waterfall which is situated on the Orkhon river, Mongolia's longest river at 1120km. The local name of the waterfall is Ulaan Tsutgalan and the height is 24m. The waterfall was formed by a unique combination of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes about 20 000 years ago. The water level of the waterfall fluctuates with the rainfall. There will be hiking opportunities to the bottom of the gorge. Overnight in tent.

    Day 11.

    Bayangobi. After an early morning breakfast, we will drive to Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of the Great Mongolian Empire, and Erdenezuu Monastery, the main treasure of Mongolian Buddhism. Kharkhorin was established in the valley of the Orkhon river in 1220. It was one of the stopovers along the legendary Silk Road for 140 years. Kharkhorin played significant role in Mongolian history. It was the capital city of the Mongolian Great Empire until Khubilai Khaan, a grandson of Chinggis Khaan, moved the capital to Beijing during the Yuan Dynasty. For almost 800 years, people worship the Turtle Rock near the temple. Erdenezuu Monastery, the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia was founded by Avtai Sain Khaan, a descendant of Chinggis Khaan, on the ruins of Kharkhorin in 1586. The monastery is surrounded by beautiful white walls with 108 stupas. For centuries it was a spiritual and intellectual centre of Mongolia. In the late afternoon we drive to Bayangobi and overnight in the ger camp.

    Day 12.

    Bayangobi/Ulaanbaatar. Bayangobi is a unique place with many different forms of natural landscapes; Gobi sand dunes, forests, and high mountains. There are opportunities to hike in the small sand dunes and ride a camel. In the afternoon, we will visit Erdene Khambyn Khuree which is 20 kms drive from our ger camp. The monastery is located in the Khugnu Khaan mountains. Enlightened Bogd Gegeen Zanabazar, a religious leader, philosopher, artist and sculptor; founded the Uvgun and Zaluu temples to honor his religious teacher. We will arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to the hotel. In the evening, we will witness a fascinating performance of traditional folk songs, throat singing, beautiful melodies from a “horse-headed” fiddle, ethnic dances, and artistic contortionism. Enjoy a farewell dinner and peaceful overnight in the hotel.

    Day 13.

    Departure. We will conclude our unforgettable journeys by transferring to the “Chinggis Khaan” International Airport with the Gucci World Tours Team.

    Tour includes. 1 nights in 4 star hotel, 3 nights in ger camps, 8 nights in tents, 3 meals per day, English, French, Italian, German, Japanese speaking guides, Domestic transportation, Local entry fees
    Tour excludes. Personal use, International travel, Travel insurance, Alcoholic drinks
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