• Lake Symphony in the Altai Mountain
  • Type: Adventure tour
    Destination: Western Mongolia, Uvs, Bayan Ulgii, Khovd
    Highlights: triple lakes Koton, Khurgan and Dayan, legendary Altai mountains, Golden Eagle Festival, Tsambagarav mountain and various ethnic groups
    Lengths: 16 nights/17 days
    Adventure level: Extreme
    Total driving km: 1500 km
    Transportation: fly-drive, (4 wheel driving Japanese jeep)
    Season: May 15 – October 15
  • The impressive Altai Tavan Bogd mountain range is the “Challenge of the West” that towers over the western part of Mongolia. The name Tavan Bogd - Five Holy Kings was given to five extraordinary peaks that display amazing views from a distance. Altai region is settled by human ancestors since Lower Paleolithic period or 300 thousands years ago containing precious records of petroglyphs and graveyards. Glamorous fresh water lakes are the main fascination of the area. Kazakh is the main ethnic group with colorful culture and rich history. Originally, Kazakhs are the descendents of the Hereid tribes and settled down in Bayan Ulgii aimag in 1940 after hundreds of years travelling. Golden Eagle Festival is a “must-see”. It is an exclusive hunting tradition with Eagles that existed for 2000 years and still strong among the Kazakhs.

  • Day 1.

    Ulaanbaatar. A professional Gucci World Tours team will meet you at the “Chinggis Khan” international airport and transfer to the best hotels in Ulaanbaatar. We will start our first day excursion around Ulaanbaatar starting from Sukhbaatar square. This square is spirit of the capital and famous for its surroundings. Our next attraction is Zaisan Hill. This hill provides panoramic view of the Ulaanbaatar. We will visit the National History Museum; famous for its excellent exhibitions beginning with Stone and Bronze Age, Turkic and Mongol Empire, rise of Buddhism and communist regime. Then we will visit Gandan Monastery is a heart of Mongolian yellow head Buddhism and experience the sense of Buddhism in Mongolia see the outstanding and impressive 24m golden plated statue of Buddha; Megjid Janraiseg. Overnight in the hotel.

    Day 2.

    Uvs Province – Ulaangom province capital. We will start our tour with two hours flight to Ulaangom; the capital of Uvs province. During the flight we will see the untamed and endless lush green steppe highlighted with striking blue rivers and lakes and pearly looking traditional gers scattered in the wide open steppe. We will arrive in Ulaangom and see the authentic local town. We will make short stop at the market to purchase final supplies for our tour. We will head to the Uureg lake. Overnight in the tent near the lake.

    Day 3.

    Uureg Lake. Today is the day to explore Uureg lake and its breathtaking surroundings. The salty water lake is located among a superb panorama, surrounded by the high summits of the Altai. Fishing and hiking opportunities are overwhelming here and rock paintings that represent animals can be seen in the gorge of the Tsagaan river. The local herders of this area are called Durvud ethnic group. We will have an opportunity to visit Durvud herdsmen families. Overnight in the tent.

    Day 4.

    Turgun Mountain. We will drive to the spectacular Turgen Mountain. It is an awesome drive over the rocky and mountainous road. Turgen Mountain that stands almost 4000m above sea level is one of the top attractions in the western Mongolia with picturesque appearance, crystal clear and crispy atmosphere. We will enjoy seeing nomadic families in their summer stays and seeing grazing herds of animals. We will make leisurely day trip through the Turgen river valley, admiring the ever changing landscape. Overnight in the tent.

    Day 5.

    Achit Lake/Tsagaan lake. Drive to the two beautiful lakes Achit Lake and Tsagaan. These two lakes are freshwater shallow lakes in the Khovd River basin in western Mongolia. The Achit Lake is the largest in Mongolian Altai range with several endemic fishes. Around the shores of Achit Lake, we will marvel as the landscape changes from lush pasture to desert red steppe. A second highlight will strike us as we move to the Bayan-Ulgii province-the region of ethnic Kazakhs with different dialect and distinct culture. Overnight in the tent near Tsagaan Lake.

    Day 6.

    Ulaanhus. We will drive by the deserted border town Tsagaan nuur and will continue south west towards Ulaanhus, a small town at Tsagaan Salaa on the bank of Khovd River. About 10 000 drawings of Stone and Bronze ages on the rocks are scattered over a 15 sq km area. Kazakhs are the main inhabitants of this area whose name is derived from the ancient Turkish word “adventurer”. The Kazakh have maintained their language and culture. Colorful ger is decorated by traditional geometric patterns and the most popular design is a ram's horn image. Overnight in the tent

    Day 7.

    Khoton Lake. We will continue to the remote corner of the country, where the Chinese, Russian and Mongolian borders are only km apart, and continue through Ulaanhus, Tavan Bogd National Park to Khoton Lake. The highlights of the National Parks are three gorgeous alpine lakes looked like sky tears. One of them is Khoton Lake, a fresh water lake nestled in a mountain depression surrounded by high mountains with forests. A large numbers of beautiful gulls and migrant birds live at the Khoton Lake in summer. Overnight in the tent near the Khoton Lake.

    Day 8.

    Khurgan Lake. Today, we will explore another lovely lake next to Khoton lake called Khurgan lake. Those two stunning lakes are connected by a stream and fed by rivers and streams originated in Altai Mountains. The Khurgan lake dotted with islands, is 22 km long and 28m deep in places. It is located north of the Must Mountain, at an altitude of 2073m. Both of these amazing lakes offer wonderful opportunity for fishing and hiking around the area. Overnight in the tent.

    Day 9.

    Dayan Lake. We will start to discover another alpine lake Dayan. This moraine lake is located south of Khurgan lake. It is 18km long and is fed by small springs and snow melt. Near the shore, there stands very popular stone statue known as “Dayan the Pious”, the remains of foundations of three square tombs. Hiking is the order of the day for those feeling active, while others may choose to simply rest and enjoy the scenery. Overnight in the tent.

    Day 10.

    Sagsai/Ulgii-the province capital. Drive back to Ulgii the provincial capital. Our journey will take us to the Sagsai village, a small Kazakh town near the province capital and our arrival will surely to draw many locals out to greet us. We will ride further to Ulgii; a new city of Kazakh nomads, located the shadow of Altai mountain. Overnight in the ger camp.

    Day 11.

    Golden Eagle Festival – Day 1. We will start our day of Golden Eagle Hunting. About eighty Golden Eagle trainers gather to show their hunting skills and eagle's abilities. An exciting festival begins with the hunters displaying their traditional Kazakh dress and their eagles' equipment and ornaments. For two days, we will watch and admire the hunters as their beautiful birds of prey swoop and dive in competition and other Kazakh's traditional games. Special awards are given for the best traditional Kazakh dress and Golden Eagle's gear and ornaments. Overnight in the ger camp.

    Day 12.

    Golden Eagle Festival. – Day 2. The second day of the Golden Eagle festival includes competitions and presentations of the special relationship between the trainer and the majestic bird, eagle that is considered a family member. There are plenty of other activities in the town as the Kazakh community gather together to relax and enjoy their traditional music, song, dance and the local cuisine. Overnight in the ger hotel.

    Day 13.

    Tsast Uul mountain. We will ride to the Tsast Mountain. On the border with Khovd province, in Bayannuur sum, Tsast Mountain reaches 4193m in height and is more easily accessible than Tavan Bogd. We will have a good opportunity to hike and trek by horses. At the foot of this peak we will see families still practicing the ancient tradition of hunting with golden eagles. We will camp near the Kazakh family.

    Day 14.

    Khovd/Khar Us lake. We will start driving to the Khovd, the provincial capital, a thriving city with echoes from its ancient past resounds in the streets. An intriguing mixture of ethnic groups and their languages leave us in no doubts that here the cultures of Central Asia – Mongols, Kazakhs, Uzbeks and Chinese. We will explore the culturally diverse town before starting the journey to our final camping site, on the shores of Khar Us lake.

    Day 15.

    Ulaangom a province capital. The Khar Us lake is a 72 km long and 27km width fresh water lake. It has a low mineral contents and is fed by water from Orlogo river which rises from the everlasting snows of the mountain Kharkhiraa mountain. We will drive north beyond Khar Us lake to Ulaangom across the provincial boundary separating Khovd and Ulgii provinces. We will catch a late afternoon flight to Ulaanbaatar. Overnight in the hotel.

    Day 16.

    Ulaanbaatar-Nation's capital. We will visit the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, the palace known as the Green Palace. The palace was built in 1903 and dedicated to the eight Bogd Gegeen, the head of Lamaist religion and last khan of Mongolia. Amazing bronze castings, silk paintings, paper icons, mineral paintings, god statues made by Zanabazar and his students are the main attraction of this Palace. The rest of day is for your last minute shopping and exploring the city. Overnight and relax in the hotel.

    Day 17.

    Departure. Our lake adventure in the western Mongolia is now complete and we will end our unforgettable journey by transferring to the “Chinggis Khan” International Airport with your Gucci World Tours Team.

    Tour includes. 3 nights in 4 star hotel, 3 nights in ger camps, 10 nights in tents, 3 meals per day, English, French, Italian, German, Japanese speaking guides, Domestic transportation, Local entry fees
    Tour excludes. Personal use, International travel, Travel insurance, Alcoholic drinks
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