• Travel Smart, Green, Eco Policy
  • We, at Gucci World Tours believe that sustainable tourism development of the 21st century must be addressed with the highest priority. Responsible travel is the best way to promote, appreciate and respect the local environment and culture. All our tours are specially designed to give travelers the experience of encountering local nomads. Our ancestors taught us a deep respect for the environment because they believed every object in the nature is precious. With this same respect, we conduct our business with environmentally sensitivity; especially in out national parks and wildlife reserves. We are careful to preserve Mongolia’s civilization and cultural heritage.

  • We always supply as many of our products and services from local nomads as possible including hiring local guides and wranglers, renting horses, camels and yaks, buying meats and dairy products and supporting crafts makers. Travelling with Gucci World Tours will support nomads in the rural areas and contribute positively to the livelihoods of herders in the countryside. We therefore encourage our clients to be active participants and supporters of our following responsible, green and travel smart concepts.

  • Learn about the country and its culture
  • Remember that each regions in Mongolia is unique
    Be aware of religious and social customs
    Dress and behave respectfully especially in religious and cultural areas
    Learn key words in Mongolian
    Respect the dignity and privacy of others – ask before taking photos

  • Travel environmentally friendly
  • Dispose of rubbish carefully, reuse your drink bottles in the countryside or use your own reusable water bottles
    Be aware that dropping dairy products and rubbish in the rivers which is prohibited in Mongolia
    Keep all your cigarette butts with you and be careful while you are smoking in wilderness areas.
    Please keep a single road during your expeditions in the countryside
    Be aware that not disturbing wildlife
    Please do not buy prehistoric dinosaur fossils, petrified trees and stones
    Respect locals’ sacred mountains, rivers, landmarks, customs, traditions and values

  • Travel socially friendly
  • Always initiative to purchase local products, arts and crafts in order to generate cash for the locals
    Please consume locally produced foods and vegetables as much as possible
    Be supportive to the locally owned tour operators and tourist camps
    We encourage our clients to participate in the activity not only observing them
    All our are guides, drivers and staffs at the tourist camps are locals so we do create many job opportunities

  • On-going projects :
  • Gobi Mazaalai Foundation
    Wildlife Protection Foundation
    Tree planting project against desertification
    We take pride in contributing a significant amount of money to the protection of these animals. Everyone who travels with us proudly becomes our partner in these conservation activities.

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